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    CNC Machining

    CNC machining services(3-, 4-& 5-Axis) for high precision parts low-volume production.

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    CNC Milling

    Our range of CNC milling services can provide precision parts for your project.

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    CNC Turning

    Our wide range of CNC lathes and turning centers will allow you to produce more complex turned parts.

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    Services including laser cutting, punching, bending, pressing rivet and welding, etc.


CNC Machining Parts

Why Choose Us

  • Over 10 years of experiences

    BXD since 2010, our engineers have been providing CNC machining services for over 10 years and have built up rich experiences from many previous projects, we can handle complex and precision parts without problem.

  • Quick feedback, on-time delivery

    On average we return quotes within 24 hours, parts ship within 7 days or less, and we have a 99% on-time delivery and quality rate.

  • Complete equipment, one-stop solution

    BXD has complete equipment for both manufacturing and testing. We will provide one-stop machining services for you from raw materials to finish products.

Our Blog

  • How to benefit from low-volume plastic molding? What is injection molding?

    When it comes to plastic molding, we first think of injection molding, about 80% of plastic products in daily life are injection molding. Injection molding is the use of injection molding machine, with the use of aluminum molds or steel molds for production, the mold consists of a core and a cavi...

  • Precision CNC machining for medical device machining!

    First, you need to select the appropriate medical device processing program to help you create high-quality products. One of the most accurate methods available is CNC machining. In this type of manufacturing process, the computer software that has been programmed will determine the operation of ...

  • What are CNC aluminum parts?

    Aluminium is one of the most commonly used machining materials due to its excellent mechanical properties. Some of these features include softness, affordability, durability and its ability to resist corrosion. Precision machined CNC aluminum parts have become commonplace in recent years, especia...

  • How does CNC machining make medical parts?

    The most common types of machines used in the manufacturing of medical parts include CNC milling, lathing, drilling, and computerized milling. The medical parts processed in CNC are generally divided into processes according to the principle of process concentration. The methods of division are a...

  • What are the precautions when purchasing and using aluminum

    1. When choosing, look at the ex-factory date and specifications of the aluminum, as well as the product name and the corresponding production license number. And look at the surface color of the aluminum to see if the gloss is better. And whether there are obvious defects on the surface, if ther...

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