Five-axis CNC machining car prototype!

Five-axis CNC is a machining and manufacturing machine, which is more advanced than three-axis CNC and four-axis CNC machines, and has many more processing functions. Five-axis CNC can process linkage, which has unique advantages for some products that require high precision of 0.01 mm. Large gantry five-axis CNC can add T1:
Car models, wind power blades, yachts, aviation and other super-large molds and model samples.
Five-axis CNC machining of high-precision aluminum alloy

motorcycle helmet
Five-axis CNC has a variety of brands and specifications. The metal parts are basically a type of models with different specifications. The five-axis CNC for fast molds is basically classified into one type of model, processing large yachts, wind energy blades, 1: The 1-car model is a type of five-axis CNC model. The size of the five-axis CNC machining alloy parts is mostly from 900 meters in diameter to 250 mm in diameter. The speed is fast and the precision is high. The cutting of aluminum alloy materials is like cutting mud. That feeling. Especially for some polyhedral aluminum alloy single parts and small batch aluminum parts, it has great advantages. This five-axis processing method is fully automatic, automatic clamping, automatic tool change, and linkage rotation, so that the parts can be integrally formed.
Processing method of large gantry five-axis
Ultra-large five-axis gantry CNC is relatively rare in our country, and basically needs to be imported from abroad. It is mainly used for mold processing and finished product processing of wind power generation impellers, yachts, spacecraft and other large-scale objects, especially It is the pre-development of 1:1 traditional automobiles and new energy automobiles, and the overall five-axis CNC machining process of the model. This imported large-scale gantry five-axis CNC has an absolute advantage. This five-axis does not recognize the material, but only recognizes the processing method. , For example: the car has a clay model, a hard model, a show car model, and a color model, all of which can be processed and verified by this five-axis CNC. High precision and fast aging.

Post time: Sep-28-2022