Precision 5 Axis CNC Machining Parts For Trophy

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  • Product: 5 Axis CNC Machining artwork
  • Material: Metals and plastics including Aluminum, Titanium, Steel, ABS, PP etc
  • Processes: 5 Axis CNC machining
  • Surface finishing:
  • Industry: Artwork, Medical industry, Robots, Automotive, Aerospace, UAV etc.
  • Quantity: 1-1000pcs
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    BXD's 5 Axis CNC Machining capabilities allow for parts with extreme multi-axis complexity to be machined. It can produce high precision, mission-critical parts such as :


    Five-axis machining of complex curved parts

    Five-axis machining of special-shaped parts

    Five-axis machining of high-end hardware

    Five-axis machining according to drawings

    Five-axis machining of custom parts

    Five-axis CNC for difficult parts

    Five-axis machining of precision partsImpeller five-axis machining

    Five-axis machining of connector parts

    Five-axis machining of medical equipment parts

    Five-axis machining of aerospace and ship parts

    Five-axis machining of robot partsFive-axis machining of UAV parts

    Five-axis machining of precision mold parts

    Five-axis processing of rubber silicone mold parts

    Electrode five-axis machining


    We offer precision 5 axis parts at affordable price. Our team will offer you a direct, personalised service; always on hand to answer your questions regarding 5 axis CNC machining. You can call or email us directly anytime.

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    Product: 5 Axis machining impeller

    Material: Aluminum Alloy 7075-T6

    Surface finishing: hard anodizing

    Precision: +/- 0.01mm

    5 Axis CNC Machined parts
    CNC complex parts

    Mazak 5 Axis CNC Machine:

    Why choose BXD for 5 Axis CNC Machined Parts?

    1. Our manufacturing knowledge and capability with our rapid response rate and excellent customer service.

    2. BXD is ISO 9001 certified. We commit to deliver high-quality parts and we keep improving our services to make your experience simple and straightforward.

    3. 5 Axis CNC Parts are customized complex parts. Trust BXD to deliver, with over 10 years experience of producing mission-critical parts for a wide range of industries.

    Mazak 5 Axis CNC Machine

    What materials are available for 5 Axis CNC Machining?



    Stainless Steel

    Other Metals


    Al6061 1045 (EN8 / C45) 303 Titanium Ti-6Al-4V (TC4) ABS
    Al6063 EN24 304 Titanium TA2 PP
    Al6082 EN19 306 Brass C510, C544 POM-M
    Al7075 (Aerospace Grade)   316 Brass CZ121, CZ112 / CW712R POM-C
    Al5086 (Marine Grade)   Duplex 2205 Alloy Steel 4340 HDPE
    Al5754 (H22)     Copper C101, C172 PEEK
          Copper C14500 / CW118C PPS
          Nickel Inconel 625, 718 PPSU

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