What is the difference between NC and CNC

NC technology, her input processing, interpolation, operation and control functions are all realized by dedicated fixed combinational logic circuits, and the combinational logic circuits of machine tools with different functions are also the same. When changing or increasing or decreasing the control and arithmetic functions, it is necessary to change the hardware circuit of the numerical control device. Therefore, the versatility and flexibility are poor, the manufacturing period is long, and the cost is high; CNC (Computer Numerical Control) is a computer-based numerical control system, and the hardware circuit of this numerical control device is a small or microcomputer. Coupled with general-purpose or special-purpose large-scale integrated circuits, the main functions of the CNC machine room are almost entirely realized by system software, and when modifying or increasing or decreasing system functions, it is not necessary to change the hardware circuit, but only to change the system software. Therefore, it has higher flexibility, and at the same time, since the hardware circuit is basically general, it is beneficial to mass production, improving the quality and reliability, shortening the manufacturing cycle and reducing the cost.
What are the main parts of the CNC device? Answer: The computer numerical control device is mainly composed of a computer system, a position control board, a PLC connection
It consists of port board, communication interface board, extended function module and control software block.


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