What are the precautions when purchasing and using aluminum

1. When choosing, look at the ex-factory date and specifications of the aluminum, as well as the product name and the corresponding production license number. And look at the surface color of the aluminum to see if the gloss is better. And whether there are obvious defects on the surface, if there is, it is best to replace the relatively complete aluminum material for purchase. Moreover, the thickness of the aluminum material should not be less than 1 mm, the film thickness should not be less than 10um, and the thickness of the coating should not be greater than 40~120um.

2. When choosing aluminum materials, it is best to choose products with better corrosion performance. In this way, when using it, the performance is also stronger. And the surface of the aluminum material cannot be cleaned with hard objects when cleaning. This will damage the surface of the aluminum material, which can be wiped with water and soap.

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3. After extrusion of aluminum, there will be some defects. This phenomenon occurs if the extrusion process is not particularly mature. And the thickness of the oxide film is very thin, basically

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4. About 10um. And when sampling, be sure to check the surface of the aluminum, whether there is a production license and

Post time: May-31-2022