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What is CNC 5 Axis machining and what are the advantages?

In recent years, five-axis CNC machining have been more and more widely used in various fields. In practical applications, when people meet high-efficiency and high-quality processing of special-shaped complex parts, five-axis machining is good at solving such problems. More and more manufacturers tend to look for five-axis equipment to meet high-efficiency and high-quality processing. But, do you really know enough about five-axis machining?

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01  The mechanical structure of 5 axis machine center

To truly understand five-axis machining, we must first understand what a five-axis machine center is. 5 Axis Machining, refers to the addition of two rotary axes to the three common linear axes of X, Y, and Z. The two rotating shafts of the A, B, and C three axis have different motion modes to meet the technical requirements of various products.

As for the mechanical design of 5-axis machining centers, manufacturers have always been committed to developing new motion modes to meet various requirements. Although there are various types of five-axis machine currently on the market, here are some main types as below:

1. Two rotating coordinates directly control the direction of the tool axis (double swing head form).


2. The two coordinate axes are at the top of the tool, but the rotation axis is not perpendicular to the linear axis (pitch type swing head type).


3. Two rotating coordinates directly control the rotation of the space (double turntable form).


4. The two coordinate axes are on the workbench, but the rotation axis is not perpendicular to the linear axis (pitch type workbench).


5. One of the two rotation coordinates acts on the tool and the other on the workpiece (one swing and one rotation).


What are the characteristics of such a diversified machine structure during processing? Compared with traditional three-axis machines, what are the advantages?


02  Advantages of 5 axis CNC machining

For traditional 3 Axis CNC machining center, it has several forms such as vertical, horizontal and gantry. Common processing methods include end milling cutter end edge processing and side edge processing. The profiling processing of ball-end knives and so on. But the disadvantage is the direction of the axis remains unchanged during the machining process, and the machine tool can only realize the movement of the tool in the space rectangular coordinate system by interpolating the three linear axes of X, y and Z.

Compared with 3 axis CNC machines, 5 axis CNC machining center have the following advantages:

1. Maintain the best cutting condition of the tool and improve the cutting conditions


2. Effectively avoid tool interference


3. Reduce the number of clamping, and complete five-sided processing in one clamping

4. Improve processing quality and efficiency

5. Shorten the production process chain and simplify production management

6. Shorten the new product development cycle


03  BXD provides you good 5 axis CNC machining services

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Post time: May-27-2020